Images By Madison

Images by Madison LLC was created to help capture all of your priceless memories for any and all milestones. I specialize in being a portrait and event photographer, creating beautiful photos for you to look back on in all of the years to come.

Krista and Jerry Photography

When you book your session or wedding with us, you are getting so much more than photographers. You are gaining two friends. Friends you can call to ask questions (we’re here for you!) about all ends of your wedding or photo shoot. Friends you can call to chat with, friends you can meet for coffee, and friends who also want to use their skills to turn the moments in your life into pieces of art. Friends you can meet up with after all the shooting and printing is over with for a dinner or a drink! When it comes to capturing your moments, we do not take it lightly. We understand how important your wedding day is, how important your family session with all of your loved ones is, how special it is that you are together, how important it is to have quality art that you can keep in your home and on your walls. It is an honor and responsibility we take seriously.



Wilcoxenn Photography

I am former firefighter/flight paramedic turned photographer. I first picked up a camera in 2016 when my daughter, Weylyn, was born so I could capture as many memories as possible of her. Pictures are something precious to me; they are the physical item we can hold after a memory has happened. I grew up with a grandfather who ALWAYS had a camera in his had and some of those pictures are my most precious possessions now.

Outside of work, I enjoy hiking (bring on Old Rag!) and a good book. Weylyn is 5 and the light of my life, followed by my adorable 6 year old cat, Sarge. They sit as my most common subjects for pictures right now!

I have a very laid-back, go-with-the-flow personality. I have a home-based studio for indoor photography but I enjoy being outside just as much! I believe in finding balance in everything: light and airy with a touch of dark and moody. I can’t wait to customize a session that fits exactly what you’re looking for!

Denise Jane Photography


Just like your favorite song takes you back to a special place in time. A scent can put you right back in the middle of grandma’s hug.

Portraits re-connect you to those you love. They remind you of who you are, fill your heart with pride and and make you feel loved each and every time you see them.

Denise Jane provides more than just pictures. She tells life stories. Stories that connect you to those you love with the strength of time.

Elevated Media

Elevated Media started because of a lifelong
love of creating films that tell captivating,
unscripted stories that pulls at every emotion
and give complete strangers goosebumps.
Our goal is to capture the little moments that
most couples miss and to provide a film better
than you can remember.
We do this because we love people and we
love sharing their stories. We believe filmmaking
is an artform and we pour our hearts and souls
into every part of the process – from our first
meeting with you to the final delivery.