Dresses/Attire by  Morgan Beachler of  The Valley Bride www.thevalleybride.com

Cake/Desserts by Jennifer Frey of Tiers In Heaven www.tiersinheven.com

Photography By Misty Higgins of My Boheme Bridal www.mybohemebridal.com

Decor/Antique Rentals by Tanya Singleton of Shades of Blue www.bluepeacockantiquesva.com

Charcuterie by Grace Wilkens of Board and Table www.facebook.com/boardandtablecom

Hair/Makeup by Lauren Getz of Harmony at 609 www.harmonyat609.com  

Hair/Makeup by  Cori Campbell of Elegant Hair By Cori Campbell www.facebook.com/Elegant-Hair-by-Cori-Campbell-1342387329206009

Florals by Floral Anthemion


Michelle Dolly, Stephanie Jo Webster, Sabrina Lunsford, Kevin